OK, so the only reason I signed up is to comment on Matthew's travel blog… But that's how we all get started on this insidious slippery slope into the blogosphere, isn't it…?

Oh well, at least I've listed some books I've recently read…

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3 Responses to Ummm…

  1. Matthew says:

    Nice phot and illustration – thanks for all your comments. It's encourageing when you're travelling by yourself. I approached another lone traveller today. Admittedly they were very polite in refusing my invitation to join me at dinner. 🙂

  2. Dylan says:

    Their loss! ;-)I've been enjoying your blog a great deal – it's like getting a little bit of the experience of your travels while stuck here in rainy overcast NZ. Can't imagine a better guide to be traveling with, too – all the historical background really makes it.Hope the next few (offline) days go well. And good luck with the next lone traveller… 😉

  3. Matthew says:

    Tis a slippery slope and your surfing it 😉

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