Board Art

COCA – the Centre of Contemporary Art in Christchurch is once again holding the 'Board Art' exhibition. This means a bunch of artists and school students have decorated skateboards, which are on show and on sale. I've done a new one (see above) and have also sent down the one I did a few years ago (see here) to sit alongside it (since they were done as companion pieces).

The show opens today, Tuesday 22nd May 2007, so if you happen to be in Christchurch, take a nosey. There's even a board by Barry Linton!

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2 Responses to Board Art

  1. Steve Malley says:

    And here's me in Christchurch, needs a heads-up from you in Auckland to hear about it… I'll check it out this week!

  2. Matthew says:

    Cool – nice work Dylan. I've only ever seen the one at your place and the draft for this 🙂

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