New Zealand comics on TV


The Comics Show – a documentary about New Zealand comics, directed by my step-mother Shirley Horrocks, will show on TV One on Sunday September 2nd, at 10.40pm (in the Artsville slot). Features interviews with many great NZ cartoonists, from 1940s pioneer Eric Resetar to newcomers Coco and Pritika, not to mention Barry Linton, Karl Wills, Cornelius Stone, Ant Sang, Chris Knox, Jared Lane, Robyn Kenealy, GCR and more! Highly recommended!!

By the way, another documentary by Shirley (on NZ artist John Reynolds) shows the Sunday before (August 26th, at 10.20pm): Questions for Mr. Reynolds.

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One Response to New Zealand comics on TV

  1. Matthew says:

    I really enjoyed this update on the comics scene as it's been years since I've followed what's going on. Lovely to see some veterans I recognise 🙂

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