Comics Fest at the Auckland City Library

I'm giving a talk as part of the Auckland City Library's celebration of comics on Friday 19th October. My talk will be at 6pm in the Whare Wananga, 2nd floor of the Central City Library on Lorne Street, but there's stuff happening all afternoon and evening:

Comics Fest – 2pm – 5pm in the Atrium
"Meet local cartoonists and sample their work. These humble people are the hidden treasures of the New Zealand art world. View comics merchandise from King of Cards and Central City Library's growing graphic novel collection, and join us in celebrating our new subscription to the prestigious Comics Journal."

Screening of 'The Comics Show' – 5pm in the Whare Wananga

"The comics evening takes off from a screening of The Comics Show, a documentary all about the intriguing world of New Zealand comic book culture, introduced by the director Shirley Horrocks at 5pm."

A talk by Dylan Horrocks – 6pm in the Whare Wananga
(my bit)

Introducing Johnny Angel

"The evening finishes off with Johnny Angel, creator of Afi, the first Samoan superhero. This uniquely South Pacific take on a traditional format is just as engaging as the cartoonist himself."

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One Response to Comics Fest at the Auckland City Library

  1. I'll be in town for this. See you there.

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