Well, I recently finished watching the Alan Partridge saga – one series of Knowing Me, Knowing You… with Alan Partridge! and two series of I'm Alan Partridge – and it's surged to the top rank of my all-time favourite TV shows. Of course, if you can't stand British "cringe comedy," then Alan Partridge is probably not for you; but for my money, this really is a work of genius – especially the last two series. Partridge is an unforgettably loathsome, pathetic character – but, as in all great cringe comedy, it's not hard to recognise a little of oneself in his desperate attempts to 'get the last laugh.'

Weirdly, this last week I happened to catch some of TVNZ's Breakfast show (morning TV is not usually on my radar), and was stunned by how much host Paul Henry reminded me of Partridge. At one point, immediately following a long vitriolic rant about violent crime or police impotence or something or other, Henry – without changing gears – launched into an embarrassing monologue on the flawed manufacture of Griffins cameo cream biscuits. He then complained that this was the second time he'd attacked cameo creams on air – and yet the manufacturers had failed to respond, or even to send him any free biscuits. The following day, he repeated his cameo cream outrage, and again urged Griffins to front up and appear on the show to defend their product – and to make sure they brought some biscuits along! The whole thing was so utterly reminiscient of Alan Partridge I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. In the end, of course, I just shuddered…

Now, I'd never paid any attention to Paul Henry before, but now I find he's something of a minor celebrity among those who follow bizarre TV personalities. Here are a few clips of him in action:

I could watch these all day…

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