What Sarah Palin says to me…

As more details emerge about Sarah Palin – and the rushed, incompetent way she was selected as John McCain's VP candidate – I'm starting to wonder whether it's an indication of what's going on behind the scenes in the Republican Party.

To be precise, is it a sign that the Cheney-Rove wing of the Republican leadership are in such a mess, they've decided to just sit back and let the McCain clique have their way with this election – knowing they're doomed to lose?

It's hard to imagine the Palin choice could have happened under someone like Rove; instead, I suspect, it's the result of McCain flailing around trying to be clever, while also buckling under pressure from the loony religious right, in a desperate attempt to resolve deep splits within an exhausted, spent party.

It shows all the signs of a motley assortment of left-overs and wannabes filling a power vacuum left by the Bush gang's retreat, and doing their best to run an inept campaign within a hollowed out organisation.

Of course, whoever wins the presidency will inherit the biggest mess since post-Watergate (or maybe even the Great Depression), so maybe the Cheney circle have decided it doesn't matter if Obama wins. After all, there's always 2012…

Not that this means Obama will win. Between the awfulness of American politics, and the untrustworthiness of their vote-counting, anything could happen.

But whatever else is going on, it sure looks to me like the Bush gang are sitting this game out on the bench…

Update: this video adds to the impression of disarray and confusion over Palin's appointment, as does Rove's comment that the Palin pick was a "campaign decision" rather than a "governing" one.

Update 2: the hysteria over her performance at the RNC adds a new note to this whole mess: classic "backlash" politics, of the nastiest kind. God knows where all this is going – but the McCain-Palin ticket now looks even more disturbing. This is going to be a very nasty election indeed…

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