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Just when I thought the Green Party campaign (here in New Zealand) couldn't be any more clever – they come up with this!

All you do is choose a photo and upload it – and hey presto! You've made your own Green Party poster:

It's great fun looking at the many posters people have already made. Some are beautiful, others hilarious, and together they serve as a powerful expression of what the Green Party's all about. What a brilliant idea!

This election is an extremely important one, despite the rather dismal uninspiring tone of much of the campaigning (I'm looking at you, Labour). While most of the parties (and media) wearily rehash all the usual petty nonsense, the world – including New Zealand – is facing a perfect storm of serious crises: economic collapse, peak oil, climate change, pollution… The one issue that links all of these is sustainability. It's time to put sustainability at the heart of our economy and infrastructure; not as an optional luxury, but as an absolute necessity, if we want New Zealand to flourish in the 21st century. The alternative is a long and painful catastrophe.

So, please, this Saturday, don't be distracted by all the small-minded crap about tax cuts and yellow jackets and cheap election stunts.

Think about the big picture. Think about what really matters. And ask yourself: how will I justify this vote to my kids?

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